It is no doubt that Netent and Evolution are among the biggest live casino game providers in the world today. With their expertly trained dealers, various game options and high quality streams, they have stamped authority in the gaming industry. This is the reason you won't miss out on at least one game from these providers in the live casino section. The two dominate markets in Europe and you won't miss them in any respected online casino like . Their dominance go as far afield as Canada. Despite their dominance however, serious slot players only want the best from the game providers.

So even thou they evenly match on paper, one has more to offer in terms of slot game experience. We have to carefully analyse both and find out who is the King of online slot games! Before we dive deeper into details, you should know the general information about these two. Netent is relatively older than Evolution. It was created in 1996 and at time, had its operations based in Sweeden. It has improved services since then and as of today, has offices in around 65 nations in the world. Its domination of the industry has seen it get endorsed by famous casinos. Learn more about it here

User Interface Comparison

When it comes to interface comparison, both Netent and Evolution have an understandable and easy to use system. This means players will find the games easy and won't get stuck even if they are playing the game for the first time. Evolution has been in operations for a shorter time. It has a smaller number of employees — around 350 compared to Netent's 1500. It prides itself in making slot games with high graphic levels. Despite the small size, Evolution has been producing games with remarkable user interface. It is Netent's biggest competitor when it comes to making games with good user interface.

Netent, however, has an edge over Evolution in this department. It offers amazing features which equip players with more knowledge about the game's history including its statistics and screen display of the dealer's previous game. Due to these outstanding features, Netent's user interface will surely help you in making the right decision compared to Evolution's. Some other features that make Netent's user interface more superior is the amazing customer service. In case you experience challenges on the site, you can always get in touch with the customer care service. They are very fast and effective in handling customer issues.


In-Game Betting Features

Both Netent and Evolution offer most conventional in-game betting features. For instance, they both offer the option to double down the most basic side bets. Evolution gaming has however excelled more in this department compared to Netent. Its success in this field can be attributed to the implementation of "Pre-Decision" option which allows gamblers to make their call at the same time as the first player instead of waiting for their turn. This speeds up the game-play and general excitement. The 'Bet Behind' option allows players to bet on other existing players rather than getting involved in the game. These features give Evolution Gaming an edge over Netent.

In terms of game selection, Evolution has more gaming options compared to Natent. As a matter of fact, they have the largest gaming options in the business. They have a wide range of slot games as well as various Blackjack tables and different formats of themes. In terms of graphics and design, Netent is superior. The company is known for making the most captivating and interesting games in the industry. Some their most outstanding games include Quest for Immortality, Jacks or Better and When Pigs Fly. In general, Netent is ranked higher than Evolution gaming. It tops the industry!